KHTML library MorphOS port
polish version

This isn't a direct port of KHTML from KDE, but is based on browser for S60 devices by Nokia (which is in turn based on WebCore, by Apple Inc.), which is based on KHTML from KDE :-)

I'd like to thanks all bounty donors for support. Don't hesitate to rise it even more :-). I'd like also to thanks Michael Dietz who donated Cubic IDE to me.

What news does the third beta brings?

  • very improved stability
  • reduced memory usage
  • new engine version
  • improved speed
  • support for context menus
  • dynamic contents on webpages works much better now
  • improved download manager
  • support for gfx in buttons
  • support for favicons
  • improved frames support
  • improved support for CP-125X
  • fixed tons of bugs (redirections, SSL, settings, JavaScript, images rendering and many, many more)
  • new about:info page
  • added lamps that indicates status of downloading data from internet
  • extended ARexx port
  • and many more changes

Q - question
A - answer

Q: What about version for different systems?
A: My main focus for now is MorphOS version. But there are also some plans for OS4 version (more about it here).

Q: Is it true that author of that port is an evil morphsheep that doesn't want to cooperate with anyone?
A: Yes, it's true ;-).

Q: What about xyz?
A: Best place to ask questions is PPA (polish-only) or MorphZone. You can also find me at various channels in FreeNode network (like #ppa or #morphos) hiding under marcik nick.

Q: I want to support the port with some money. What should I do?
A: There's a bounty at MorphZone so anyone who want to support projects with some money can make a donation. You can also contact me directly.

Q: Will be the Shockwave Flash supported?
A: It will if someone creates a plug-in (plug-in API is a part of KTHML, but it has low priotity on my todo list).

Q: Will be the Java supported?
A: The same as for Flash - if somebody creates a plug-in - why not.

Q: Will it be possible to create an own browser based on KTHML engine?
A: There are long term plans to create MUI custom class for WWW browsing, so everyone can use it in own applications.